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Frequently Asked Questions



What should I do if I can’t drive my car after an accident?
That’s exactly why we at Brownlow Body Shop can arrange towing and rental services. We recommend that you avoid driving your car after a significant accident, until the full extent of the damage is known.

Which details should I note after an accident?
No detail is too small, so to speak. In addition to exchanging the basics (full name, contact information, insurance information, license numbers, etc.) you should also pay close attention to the damages on either vehicle. Were there previously existing marks or scratches before the accident? How big was the area of impact? The more information you gather, the better!

Should I call the police?
Yes. Even in a minor accident, it’s always a good idea to obtain a police report of the incident. This provides a record of the accident for insurance purposes, and is also indispensable if you have to deal with injuries.

What are your store operating hours? 

7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday with Saturday by appointment only.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by cash, check, and most major credit cards. Additionally, you may qualify for financing options.

Does Brownlow Body Shop do hail damage repair?

Yes. Please call us at 931-363-7603. To learn more about our auto hail damage process.

Does Brownlow Body Shop offer PDR / Paintless Dent Repair?

Yes. We are proud to offer Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Our Paintless Dent Repair service is a great alternative to traditional auto body repair and in many circumstances can help save you time and money. Contact us directly to inquire about availability.

Does Brownlow Body Shop do mechanical work?

Only if it’s collision related mechanical work, due to an accident. If you require general mechanical services such as replacing a faulty transmission, muffler replacement, or a tune-up, these services are not our specialty.

How do I schedule a collision repair estimate?

Estimates are free and can be written during open hours without appointment. We can arrange time after hours with short notice and weekends in most situations with 48hrs notice.

Will you help me file my insurance claim?

Yes. It is our goal to get you back to your daily routine, while we handle everything for you! Our staff is trained to communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf ensuring your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition.

Your Rights

Do I have the right to select the auto body repair shop that will repair my car?


In order to expedite your claim, we suggest you:

(a) select the repair shop,
(b) leave your automobile there, and
(c) notify your insurance agent or company.

Do not drive a collision damaged vehicle even if your insurer tells you it is ok to do so.


Tennessee law requires only one estimate.

 Only the “insured” must notify their insurance company, not claimants.


 You must arrange for payment.
Your insurance policy states the insurance company will pay you less any deductibles or depreciation.


 The shop.
That’s why it is important that you select a repair facility that is properly trained and equipped to restore your automobile to its pre-accident condition. 


 First, the manager of the shop.
If the problem is a result of our workmanship we'll resolve the issue if at all possible. If the issue is claims related you should contact your claims adjuster.  

 First contact your insurance agent. We're fortunate to have agents who care about their customers here in Giles County. If the issue can't be resolved locally we recommend contacting the Branch or Regional Claims Manager of the insurance company. If that fails, then contact the TN Department of Insurance 615-741-2241. 

 Diminished value is the loss in a vehicle’s market value due to accident damage and repair.

Three things affect diminished value:

Inherent diminished value: the automatic loss in vehicle market value from an accident.

Repair related diminished value: loss in vehicle market value due to substandard quality repairs.

Insurance related diminished value: loss in vehicle market value due to insurance claims practices.

 In most situations it depends on who's at fault and state laws. We aren't attorneys and what we share is based on results our customers shared.

 Diminished value is generally state specific. Speak with your agent about your policy and/or whomever is paying for repairs. Every claim is different and DV is generally based on vehicle age, mileage and comparable vehicles. Again, we are not attorneys and speak solely on our past experience.


Common pitfalls many consumers face after filing a claim.

1. Most people have little or no idea what their insurance policy really says. They think they have “full coverage” and “their insurance company will take care of everything”. They come to us to have their vehicle repaired and are shocked to find out they don’t have rental car coverage. Then, after checking further, they discover the policy gives their insurance company permission to use NON-FACTORY parts, unless there is a satisfaction issue. You’ll want to avoid this pitfall.

We encourage you to get that policy out and read it until you know what you pay for every time you make your payment. Call your agent and have him or her review it with you. Feel free to contact us with your questions. There’s a real good chance we’ve seen your insurance company in action. There are many solid insurance companies and agents out there with excellent products. Make sure you really have the “full coverage” you think you have. We can recommend a good insurer to you

2. Most people are not prepared to make decisions they’re forced to make when their vehicle is damaged. We have people call us and say: “I just wrecked my car. What do I have to do to get it fixed”? If you have avoided pitfall number one, some of these decisions will be easy to make. Other decisions can be thought through in advance. Sit down with your spouse, a close friend, or us and ask: “If I was involved In a collision, what would be some of the decisions I might need to make, and how would I make them?”

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you have so you will be better prepared. We’ll be glad to help however possible but keep in mind that we aren't attorneys and any info we share is based on customer claims.

3. You have just been involved in an accident. You have avoided pitfalls 1 and 2. The next pitfall to avoid is thinking since the insurance company is “paying the bill” they should make the decisions. People forget it’s their money the insurance company is using to pay for the repairs. They faithfully make their premium payments counting on the insurance company to be there for them. And then, they want to tell you how you spend it. It’s you money. It’s your car. You make the decisions. Insurers are highly skilled in limiting the money they pay out in claim costs. This can affect you if you follow the program they attempt to push you into.

Again, know what your policy really says. Make sure you haven’t signed anything that limits the decisions you need to make in order to protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle. Contact us if you would like to know which Insurance companies let you make decisions and which ones think they should decide for you.